November 27, 2008

Terrorism rears its ugly head again

Switched off the TV at around 10.30 p.m yesterday in the night after seeing TV headlines that screamed random firing in Mumbai - 3-4 people killed..may be gang wars.
Thanks to the never ending downpour in chennai, electricity was off till morning. Flicked on the pocket radio to know if Isha had crossed us, was shocked to hear about the terror attack. This is definitely on a very large scale. We have to rise to the challenge and defeat terrorism at its core. ATS chief and his team members were also killed fighting these cowards. Sad. Putting aside petty politics, Politicians should realize that they should take some serious unanimous decisions to fight terrorism. It is a welcome move that PM & advani are talking together.
Hope, Mumbai springs back to normalcy soon.

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Krishnan said...

Yes shocking is a milder word to describe Mumbai mayhem. Glad that it has come to an end today. BTW, the cyclone was Nisha.