May 16, 2008

Cornflakes Dangerous?

Well...Things are not going to be easy in the coming days!

MSN - A scientist has cautioned that climate change can actually lead to "killer cornflakes" having the most potent liver toxin ever reported. ....the effects of the toxins, called mycotoxins, have been known since the Middle Ages when rye bread contaminated with ergot fungus was a staple part of the European diet. [ This reminds me of 'Acceptable Risk' - Robin Cooks novel that traces the salem witch trial to a happy drug discovery & its aftermath]

In Australia, the most important group of mycotoxins in maize is aflatoxins and Bricknell said that their spread was possible in right kind of temperature and moisture conditions and it could also affect crops including maize and peanuts and in some milk, dried milk products and some spices.
She added that recently, high levels of aflatoxin outbreaks have occurred in Australian crops. In addition, global warming may act as a new threat to food safety, with temperatures expected to rise and rainfall drop in inland areas of the eastern states.

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