May 13, 2008

Breast Cancer - ways to reduce the risk

A very useful writeup in NYTimes
True, immutable factors like genetics, a family’s medical baggage and just being born female determine much of the risk of breast cancer.

But there is now solid evidence that lifestyle can play a role as well. Choices that have an effect include how much alcohol a woman drinks (none is best), the amount of physical activity she gets (the more the better) and whether she takes hormones (the less the better). Doctors also urge women to keep their weight down, as obesity increases the risk of developing breast cancer during the postmenopausal years.

“There are things you can’t change, like when you got your first period, or your family history,” ...“But you can change a lot about you. Empower yourself with knowledge and information.”

  • Know your family’s medical history
  • Cut down on alcohol, or avoid it altogether
  • Exercise, exercise, exercise.
  • Breast-feed if you can
  • Try not to take combined hormone therapy.
  • Have regular mammograms
  • Become familiar with your personal risk factors.

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Quite useful tips.