December 11, 2007

Remix Songs

The latest trend in Tamil Filmdom is to remix old popular songs. But only very few click. Take the case of the songs that were released recently.

Ye Aatha Aaathorom-a: [Malaikottai] is strictly OK.

Engaiyum Eppothum: [Polladhavan] is below average for the simple reason, the original is still a big hit. It is not a joke to tamper with a cult classic.

Ponmagal vandhal: [Aghaghiya Tamil Magan] is easy on the ears. They have stuck to the original tune for the best part of the song with some rap interludes thrown here & there. Foot Tapping number. Watch Vijay imitating Sivaji in a black & white scene. Cool.

My Name is Billa: [Bila 2007] Disaster. I could just hear the sound only. Infact the entire Billa album lacks soul. Except for seval kodi, I didn't like any of the songs. Hope atleast the picturization of the songs save the day.

1 comment:

Pandyah ! said...

Agree with Pollathavan & Bill remix.

And Ponmagal remix from ATM really rock and esp. done well.. the rap ‘You are my diamond girl, smiling smiling girl’ cool.

Abt Billa Album, Naan mattum and Sei are nice ones from Yuvan, like a set of experimental tunes.. esp, I like the voice of "sei"..