December 13, 2007

Children vaccinations recalled

Toys were recalled..fine..
Nokia batteries were recalled...fine
Laptops were recalled..fine

Now, this is tooooo dangerous ...
"Merck and Co is recalling about a million doses of a childhood vaccine, after testing showed a sterilisation problem in a Pennsylvania factory....The company is not aware of any harm to children who received the vaccine, known as Hib, which prevents meningitis and pneumonia. The recall involves 10 lots of Hib vaccine and two lots of a combination vaccine for both Hib and Hepatitis B, a Merck spokeswoman said. She said the company did not find contamination in the vaccine itself, but in the plant where the vaccine is produced in West Point, Pennsylvania.Merck is one of the few drug makers that produces a significant number of vaccines."

More info here

Already the role of vaccination is being questioned in perpetuating autism. Vaccines are something we blindly trust & take it seriously. Hope this incident is a one time happening and never reoccurs!

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