November 09, 2007

Saawariya - Iyarkai

Saawariya is finally out..What a hype..! but poor Bhansali seems to have lost it this time..But something that struck me was the story line. Our very own Tamil Movie Iyarkai, (what an irony! - Saawariya is pounded for being super-artificial - whereas Iyarkai means Natural) released 4 years ago also had a similar plot line. Bhansali says Saawariya is adapted from White Nights, a short story. The heroine is the girl in waiting, a certain good-looking Mr.Helpful lands on her doors, promises to help her reach her lover- falls in love in the process but just when the heroine decides to be prudent & thinks that 'the bird' in hand is worth 'two' ( lost bird) in the bush, the original lover returns & Mr.Helpful is left behind to play martyr.
But whatever, I liked Sonam & Ranbir ;-)

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Anandham said...

White Nights was a movie itself in Italian language.

Saawariya is an exact remake of the white nights while Iyerkai is just an adopted version of the same film.