October 30, 2007

Letters to a Soul mate

Kamat.com is one site that never ceases to surprise me. Info abt how they could manage to build such a website is equally impressive.
The long-distance family life of Kamats meant frequent letter writing among them and decades later, these carefully preserved letters formed the basis of the Timeless Theater Archive. Much of the Kamat's Potpourri website's content is culled from these letters.

Some selected letters written by Krishnanand to wife Jyotsna were first published in Kannada (the original language the letters are written), as Letters to a Soul mate (Preyasige Patragalu - cover) and were very well received.
Jyotsna Kamat in her foreword to the book writes
There is no shortage of writers and poets who have glorified and immortalized love. However, there are but a few, who decades after decade have found a lover in a wife to write letters on a daily basis. I hope that readers will enjoy reading them at least a fraction of as much as I have, because you will discover a true passion for life in them.
Man..they sure had a rocking life!

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