October 10, 2007

i-pill - Emergency Contraceptive Pill Ads

i-pill - Cipla's emergency contraceptive morning pill Ads are quite eye-catchy..Kudos to the graphics team that's behind the swrils & twirls of the i-pill logo. It would have been very easy to make a crass ad with this concept but hats off to the content contributors..they chose quite a subtle way to bring the message across - three kinds of ads run - show people from different age groups. Cool execution.. High production value!

You can get to see the ads here. [to have the print ads & TV ads in ur website is another thoughtful idea!]
The glitch is.. the ad doesn't emphasize it as a single usage drug (only for emergency) and it is not an alternative to the regular contraception pills.

The print ad was in news earlier when the Director Of Drugs Control sent a notice to Ananda Vikatan, a popular tamil weekly for having an i-pill ad in their magazine. It seems the the Drugs and Magical Remedies Act of 1954 states that drugs which cause contraception in women must not be advertised. But Cipla says they have not violated any law. The moral angle is highly irritating - N Selvaraju,Director Of Drugs Control says "The advertising of this drug will mean that women will think 'I can do anything and there's an easy way not to get pregnant'. We can't allow such an attitude. We are not against women's rights, but this is a moral concern." WTF! More in this CNN-IBN report.


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