June 20, 2007

Rajini Rocks

Three hours just flew by. The lethal combo of Shankar & Rajini has delivered. It is more of a vintage Rajini film...shankar has done his bit to have things scale up to Rajini's persona. If you know, what to expect of a Rajini's movie, you will not be disappointed. But it is high time, Shankar takes on some other genre.

The first half belongs to vivek (fresh lease of life for him). The second half has Rajini in full form. Rajini simply pumps adrenaline as Motta Boss. I particularly appreciate the fact that the super star doesn't carry a super-ego - he is at ease when he talks abt kamal's colour, brilliant as vasantha maaligai - mayakam enna Shivaji Ganeshan and also when he imitates Vadivelu - enna vachu comedy onnum pannale-ye? Hmm..Was somebody saying Rajini is a Grand Father? He looked damn younger and set the screen on fire. You have to see it to believe it.

Shriya is at her best in the songs. Suman , the villain scores ..it is quite difficult to emote with your coolers on. And, the movie is a technical wizardry. K.V. Anand's camera, A.R.Rahman's pulsating songs, Thotta Tharani's sets are simply mind boggling. Special congrats to Manish Malhotra for his costumes. I just wish ..the fights were trimmed down.

Over all ..Paisa Vasool;-))


Vicky said...

Short and sweet review for a Rajni Fan :)

Anonymous said...

Ya with the All the special effects he will look younger