June 01, 2007

Helmet Compulsory

From today onwards Helmet wearing has been made compulsory in chennai (all of tamilnadu -later date?) for two-wheeler riders as well as pillion riders. The helmet shops had a roaring business all through the night.

Guess the traffic police will also have a roaring business - 100Rs. fine if you are not wearing a helmet.


Anonymous said...

heard the relative of sottaithalaiyan started business in helmet manufacturing :)

sugan said...

Ooops.the rule has been relaxed for women & children pillion riders..a day after it was made compulsary. Many middle class families paid thro their nose for multiple helmets..paavam

Adithya said...

Helmets now optional for women, children riding pillion
The Hindu - Tuesday, Jun 05, 2007

Let me get this right. In case of an accident only the husband is at risk of cracking his skull open. His pillion riding, wife and kid(s) will face no harm for a variety of reasons:
1. They are all thick-skulled and we all know its touch to crack a thick skull.
2. Women riding pillion in India rarely sit one the bike well balanced. The side ways balancing act and the instability will ensure no harm comes to her.
3. Infants under two are usually held in the mother’s arms and in a fraction of a second the mother will be in a position to fling the infant out of harms way as the accident occurs.
4. Children above two are usually sandwiched between the parents and this will insulate the child against the fall.

I hear that the official version is that the women find it hard to wear a helmet as they have long hair, flowers in the hair and makeup on. Now that’s a very valid reason. No wonder our intelligent leaders have decided to let them experience the joyride.

Anonymous said...

ya its now the biggest comedy in recent times let me remind the viewers something a couple of years some good soul filed a affidafit that that the exhaust pipe from the automobiles are placed in such a way that it directly puffs the smoke to the other road users and the supreme court directed the Central government and automobile manufacturers to place the exhaust pipe pointing towards the downside but so far few manufacturers have complied another one is few years back the central government wanted to introduce the high security digital number plates but something happened we were3 ordered to change the colour of number plates to white and all of them went in for a rush to change the number plates but still now the goverment is introducing the scheme wow what a great democracy Gandhiji might have started a second independence movement to save india from this clowns JAI HIND