August 03, 2006

Harry Potter & the Goblet of fire

Two weeks back, I had started reading this book at the Blore Railyway station at around I had to board the kaveri express (11.45 p.m..what a time to travel). Nothing prepared me for the shock in the first was no longer a light reading fantasy children book...The tone was dark and the happenings darker.

The major events in this 4th edition are the Quidditch world cup - the death eaters - Triwizard tournament - Harry's mysterious entry into the tournament - the tasks - Mad Eye Moody(The new defense against dark arts teacher) - Rita (paper paparazzi) - bewitched trophy - the raise of 'he-who-must-not-be named'- battle between Harry & Voldemort - the great escape.

Apart from the twists and turns, I liked the emotional undercurrent in this story. There is a rift between Ron & Harry and they dont talk to each other. Then Ron comes over to Harry when he finishes his first task in the tournament, realizing how risky it was. And then, there is this Ball. It was very funny to read how Ron & Harry scout for partners. Both of them are turned down by the girls they like. But somehow, they manage to get Parvati Patel & Padma Patel (Yes..Yes..the Indian link in the story). But Ron turns very jealous when he sees Hermonie with another partner, a star player. And there is this paparazzi reporter, Rita who writes according to her own will and in the process hurting Hermonie, Ron, Hagrid & Potter.

And then there is this talk on equality and compassion, when Hermonie takes up the cause of the house-elfs.

On the whole, the book is very entertaining and I have to read the next book 'Order of Phoenix'.
Cant wait to know, how voldemort plans his comeback.

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