August 08, 2006

Cellphone Menace

Apart from AIDS, I guess the fastest spreading menace is the misuse of mobile phones.
In my 20 minute 21L bus journey from kotturpuram to velachery, today I learnt
1. Ganesh Anna has got a new job in teynampet; the family is pleased
2. Pradeep's girlfriend (figure?) had ditched him
3. Kavitha's breakfast was Idli sambar
4. someone-1's visa got rejected
5. someone-2 has got a appa, amma, athai, thambi in srirangam and appa's sugar level is OK..

All the above said is for public consumption; people just forget the basic decency to shut their mouth in public. With abject disregard to the disgust/curiosity shown by the others, people continue to shout on top of their voices & proceed to discuss their personal affairs. OK..a few words on the phone is reasonable ..but continuing a big discussion can be a real 'tension-padithifying' matter.


Gops said...

Tell me about it. Imagine raising the voice for a long-distance phone call.

Palrav said...

Well atleast they are not driving their two ton vehicles when they are doing it ;)

Anonymous said...

that was a nice one.
it is high time the govt. woke up to the mobile phone us and the TRAI disallow free incoming calls.

loptop666 said...

yes sugan. ur words is true. but how to avoid this problem.....? u know...? if everybodys know how to avoid this problem pls info or post ur comments. welcome.

Naj said...

I jus hpnd to read ur blog.. Nice one on cell phones...

Ivv aired my veiws too; on my blog.. do have a look an pls comment..