May 11, 2006

Vijayakanth - the real hero

You have to give it to Vijayakanth, he plowed the lone furrow n won in Virudhachalam.
Even though, DMDK (Dravida Murpokku Desiya Kazhagham) lost in all others, this win is worth applauding. That too ..the win comes from the PMK (Pattali Makkal Katchi) bastion.

Not even once, the other parties mentioned him in their speeches. He was completely ignored by the media and inspite of that he could snatch the victory with a comfortable margin. Should wait and see, the % of votes polled for DMDK, it is generally believed that he ate into the vote banks of ADMK. Cine stars still hold sway!

And it looks like TamilNadu is heading towards a coalition government for the first time..Hmm Interesting times ahead.


Gops said...

My gut says someday, I am going to see Vijayakanth as a CM.

Orthos said...

Sad to see intelectuals like u praising an Actor.

Ragu Sivanmalai said...


Sorry for interrpting from Milan,Italy...i agree with mr gops since i have also the same gut feeling...and mr orthos....yes we are intellectuals...but we have to see some best out of the crowd..Vijayakanth is a actor and he is also not well educated..but his ideas are good compared to other people in the nothing wrong to choose him...Just to share my dear friends

Ragu Sivanmalai

Anonymous said...

dam.! he is not educated ? no wonder, he know's nothing about newton's law. i'm from malaysia and very surprised that gravity it seem never applied to him. most of his god .. i've no comment regard that... but his movie turn to be a fun one for me.. makes me to laugh for hours...