December 29, 2005

IISc Attacked

One more cowardly attack on an institution. Yesterday night Intruders had opened fire at the folks in IISC, who were returning after a seminar. One person , Mr.Puri (an IIT, Delhi prof) has died & 4 other people were injured.
Abi, who is with the IISc gives an inside-view of the happenings. Straight to the NanoPolitan blog for the field report.

P.S: One exasperating stuff: The attack happens around 7.15 p.m & the chief minister Dharam Singh is informed abt it. He calls for an EMERGENCY meeting at 10.A.M next day morning. Now, what emergency stuff would be discussed after a good 15 hours? :-(

Update: Dharam Singh says that the IISc campus was chosen as a random target with an intention to create fear. More in the NDTV report

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Anonymous said...

Terror should never be allowed to attain its goal. May Puri's soul rest in peace