December 23, 2005

Hampi Ruins in India - World Heritage Site

Came across this wonderful site -

Global Heritage Fund is a non-profit, international conservancy to preserve and protect humankind’s most important archaeological and cultural heritage sites in developing countries.

One of their conservation projects is in Hampi. The site has some wonderful photos of Hampi.

Their work is one of the first privately- funded archaeological conservation efforts by an international NGO to receive approvals from the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI).

They list the Primary Threats to Hampi World Heritage -

1. Urbanization and Unplanned Development: Encroaching infrastructure and uncontrolled construction of buildings are a constant threat to Hampi as only 58 of the 550 total monuments hold heritage protection status.
2. Environmental Threats - Stone quarrying, ramped pollution
3. Lack of Cultural Resource Management - Hampi’s future is falling victim to the politics of three major controlling authorities (National, State and District) that work independently and parallel to each other.

The third point is a hard-hitting statement on the current affairs. Sad but true.

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