November 07, 2005

Vyasarpadi Tragedy

Six women died and several others were injured in a stampede at Dr. Ambedkar Arts College at Vyasarpadi, north Chennai, on Sunday Nov 6th, when flood-affected residents made a dash to a relief distribution centre there.
It happened at the wee hours in the morning ..around 4.30 a.m, Even though the relief distribution was to begin at 8 a.m.
Chief Minister Jayalalithaa has announced an ex gratia payment of Rs.1 lakh to each of the next of kin of those killed and Rs.15,000 to the injured.
These incidents just make me sad at the sorry plight of affairs.
Hindu reports on this Stampede

Worse..was yet to come. The ruling party starts off to say it was because of a rumour that the incident had happened. And, that the opposite party was the mastermind behind the incident. Jaya TV has started blazing its gun at SUN TV & squarely blaming them for spreading rumours. Obviously, SUN TV is having flash news roll, blaming the government over the deaths.
These people have trivialized the entire issue & are resorting to gain political mileage out of the tragic incident.
"News" always meant "opinion" in TamilNadu's Media.

P.S: Sometime back in the North, there was a stampede at a function organized to celebrate Vajpayee B'day & a quite a few ended up giving up their lives for a 200 Rs. Saree..The news had created a ripple then ..& I wonder what happened to the organizers. I dont recall any arrests or any one being convicted in that case...So much for our Legal system!!

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