November 03, 2005

Hitting the Jackpot with Heritage Tourism

Heritage Tourism is one hell of a Jackpot that promises to be a great potential for generating revenue. India has scores of such sites, just literally being converted in to ugly looking ruins with near perfect programming.

Active Heritage Tourism would serve a dual purpose

- The all-precious past is saved from fading in to oblivion
- Cash cow - with Dollars & Euros pouring in (Rupees will follow)

Problems that are confronting us

- The mighty majority is simply not bothered. Can't blame them, when getting a decent roof over their head itself is a question mark. Atleast people can restrain from vandalizing the monuments.

- That leaves the Government & NGOs to pitch in. The tourism department as such has quite a lot of fund at its disposal, using the money for building the much needed infrastructure around the heritage site would be a straight task for them..But then U know where the money goes...

- Lack of information.

Bright Bulbs from my head

- From the school level, the children should be trained to be responsive to the environment; awareness & a sense of pride should be inculcated.

- The tourism ministry should raise to the occasion & deliver what is expected out of them, that includes - extensive information thro all communications channels( The website is just plain pathetic now), Decent transport & infrastructure should be developed.

- Corporates, NGOs & Government should form a network & work out things. ( For eg., Infosys can sponsor a truly world class accommodation facilities in Bellur)

- Mainstream Media can increase their focus to these areas too..It is a pity that I cant watch History, Discovery channels (Curse the CAS in Chennai). Jaya TV, has a 5 minute slot every day in their news bulletin to showcase forgotten monuments in tamilnadu. A good watch, I must say.

More thoughts would follow!!

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