August 17, 2005

Bangalore, Autos, LPG, Kerchief

Last weekend, we (me, my hubby & MIL) had been to Bangalore..The chill weather was very inviting...a welcome change from the hot, hotter, hottest chennai!!
The autos are an integral part of blore..The most positive aspect would be the correctly running meters & the peace of mind, very unlike chennai, where commuting by autos & paying the "huge" amount demanded is very much akin to Day light robbery!
BUT,there was this suffocating smell of the LPG cylinders that are fitted into most of the autos. Gosh!! I never used my hand kerchief so much in my life..
The once famous Garden city is fast transforming itself to a highly polluted city..
Hey Banglore!! Pull up ur socks!!


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