May 31, 2010

Sri Krishna Sweets - Velachery

Wanted to blog abt this for quite sometime.But.....

Well, The latest addition to the colourful landscape of velachery is Sri Krishna Sweets - on the 100 Ft road - more towards Guru Nanak College. Within a week of it's opening, I landed in the well decorated shop. Parking space is much better than the other shops on the road. They have caught hold of a good corner space. Immediate attraction is the centrally placed - Sweet Buffet Stall...It is really huge and there are upteen varieties of sweets & savouries..Since, I'm on this 'Diet' mode, I skipped the center piece. The restaurant, which is on the periphery, is kind-of cramped with tables and chairs put very closely. I knew the hiccups of a newly opened eatery, so safely ordered a simple - Dosa.

Man, what a disappointment! The waiters had no clue about serving the customers. I had to do a mini-dance to get the attention of a waiter and then gave my 'big' order. Then , I joined the 'There is no sign of the food ordered' fellow people. A good ten minutes passed and I was really getting restless. It would have been OK..if people who came before me were getting their orders. I saw only one pongal, two chaat items being served in a crowded place. After another 5 minutes..the couple who sat before me got their orders. I told the waiter to hurry up - After all, its just a plain dosa. Another five minutes passed, the waiters are running up and down, I wonder for what!I had a good mind to walk away..and finally my dosa arrived ..but...hey..what a pity - it was a cold-dosa. Had it been on another day, I would have returned the dosa..but that would be mean another 15 minutes of argument and was already running late. So, quickly ate the food and made a hasty retreat after paying a 'thendam' 25 Rs.

Would not write them away after the first experience..Another visit would go into the decision making exercise.


arun said...

May be the waiters were not experienced enough. they panicked on seeing a huge crowd turn up. Generally lot of restaurants go through these sort of problems during their opening month. They will sort this out soon.

Anonymous said...

The place is real improvement after three months..the people there are so rude and the waiters the most incompetent I have seen. This really ruins the name of Sri Krishna Sweets..