December 19, 2008

Kizhaku - O pages

Kizhaku Padhipagam is the 'latest star' in tamilnadu's the publishing world. I actually liked the corporate-kind-of way they operated. But somehow felt let down after reading that Gnani's O-Pakkam-gal - part 3 would be published by them. Never had a good opinion abt O-Pakkam-gal - a weekly writeup on current affairs. I found it to be too sensational and it was more of a publicity gimmick. Initially it was on Ananda Vikatan, after an article abt the CM, there was lot of brickbats. AV withdrew the article and the author!. After that Gnani shifted to Kumudam. But sure O-Pakkam-gal would sell like hotcakes. [I think AV started this trend of publishing the weekly articles as books - good marketing move. ]

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Krishnan said...

Kizhakku Pathippagam is doing a great job. They are destined for a glorious future, no doubt.