September 21, 2008

Western sight

Hmm...a different perspective from a foreign tourist. Edward Wong has a painted a rosy picture of TN tourism..but he has left out the pitfalls..

A very interesting beginning to his article - Temples where gods come to life. (
The god was ready for his night of conjugal bliss. The priests of the temple, muscular, shirtless men with white sarongs wrapped around their thighs, bore the god’s palanquin on their shoulders. They marched him slowly along a stone corridor shrouded in shadows to his consort’s shrine. Drumbeats echoed along the walls. Candles flickered outside the doorway to the shrine’s inner sanctum. There, Meenakshi, the fish-eyed goddess, awaited the embrace of her husband, Sundareshwarar, an incarnation of that most priapic of Indian gods, Shiva.
Wonder how this would sound to a devoted pious guy ;-))

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