August 30, 2007

Joke-O-Joke - 3

"Caste based politics is wrong and caste only creates divisions amongst people. It should never be part of politics," says SarathKumar, the actor politician from Tamilnadu.

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Yugandhar V said...

y is it a joke?? is he being hypocritical or somethin? also..check out the links to your part 1 and 2 of this series.

Anonymous said...


if u know sarathkumar , he is campaigning for DMK for past days and getting votes of his caste pple exclusively for dmk , so he has no right to tell this , that wat sugu is telling that it is a joke means -- who tells this statement !!!


sugan said...

Sarath was initially with the DMK, then shifted to AIADMK saying his community was not represented in ministry. Then moved from AIADMK to start a new party on his own mainly based on community backing.
Inlight of his political journey, the statement he made was quite hilarious.

Anonymous said...

:)) what about Radhika ?

sugan said...

Right now with Sarath..!