January 17, 2007

Big Mittal & Big Money

(Me..back after a short commercial break..he..he.!)

Lakshmi Mittal is always in the news and more so for his money.

Mittal has 'donated' a small amt - just TWO MILLION POUNDS to the labour party commending Mr. Tony Blair's performance.

This has once again raised the debate on the ethical aspects of such dealings.

Not long ago, we had sting operations on our politicians by Tehelka. Bangaru Lakshman (BJP) said, he was accepting cash as donation for the party. Obviously it was a very weak excuse.

Jus wondering aloud.. how would you react if the Ambanis gave 2 crores as donation to a political party???

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Yugandhar V said...

welcome back suganthi. it was a long hiatus. what were you upto? i dont like rich people donating to politcal causes/people. i think whatever you say, the entity which donated definetely expects something in return. in usa, there is a limit on the amount you can donate. i think. that should be strictly enforced. giving huge money to political parties is just like giving a bribe.