September 18, 2006

Brand Recall

Branding was one of the important domains that should have been discussed in detail, in my mgmt school, but alas..just like the others, we preferred to sleep over it. [actually, we woke up to see our prof fainting in one of the lectures]

But there is simply no excuse for a badly executed image makeover - brand rebuilding.

Naidu Hall,to its credit had an excellent image makeover from a lingerie store to one of Chennai's premium women & children textile chains. Now, they are pushing it too far by changing its brand name to Naihaa. It sounds really dumbo to me (Nai means dog in tamil) and it is not easy on a tamil tongue. Letz wait n see.

But, if I were to confer the worst Brand Name change, Indian (from Indian Airlines) would take the cake ..the oven and the entire kitchen too.. Imagine "Please be informed Indian is delayed by 2 hours".."Indian for the weekend is sold out".."Tourists angry with Indian"


Anonymous said...

And I thought I was only one who finds Naihaa very funny !


Kezza said...

I totally agree! What was so bad about the previous brand name anyway?

Jayanthi Varadarajan. said...

I think pple think caste name in it! Who knows as there is a law that no caste name shud b there in street name , there mite b another rule !