February 09, 2006

My native - Kallakulathur

Was on a trip to my native place - Kallakulathur, near Tindivanam. My cousin got engaged yesterday. Had a fun trip back & forth. The roads were superb clean & posh - NH 45( or 47?).

I could see the after effects of the rains that had lashed Tamilnadu. Everywhere, it was green ..green and more green. The fields were brimming with paddy and its likes.
cool breeze..the whole atmosphere was surreal.

Photo of my ancestral house
(should be 100+ years)

See the temple which is the center of the village. Man..u gotta have a native village to fall back on & njoy unadulterated nature.

1 comment:

Gops said...

Oh! I miss home.

I am waiting to see some greenery in this part of the world.