October 20, 2005

Narayana Murthy Miffed

DevaGowda does it again!!

It is sad to observe how constructive development is simply impossible with politics having a say in all affairs..

Infosys boss Narayana Murthy today resigned as chairman of the project to build a new international airport in Bangalore.

Sify gives you the entire transcript of the resignation letter.
Deve Gowda, speaking to the press about the lack of contribution to the Bangalore International Airport Limited during the last five years, did it.

The incident reminds that all the hype & hoopla about being the next big thing could vapourize into thin air if our infrastructure does not stand up to a decent level.

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sugan said...

The Drama continues..
Infosys has listed out the investments it has made and the number of jobs it has created in Karnataka.

- Total investment in Karnataka amounts to Rs 1,744 crore (Rs 17.44 billion).
- KIADB terms allow a FAR of 1.5 and land cover of 30%. We have built our campuses within these norms.
- Out of the total of 46,000 employees, 22,000 jobs have been created in Karnataka alone.
- Infosys software exports from Karnataka amount to 14% of the total IT exports of Karnataka.
- Infosys has generated employment for over 2,500 workers (housekeeping, landscaping, etc.) from around the campuses in Karnataka and many more jobs have been created through support industries.
- Infosys' Bangalore campus is the largest software export unit from any single location in India.
- Bangalore also houses the largest number of employees.

Ugh..the events are taking a murky turn..I should say.