September 15, 2005

Saravana Bhavan - Sprialling Prices

It came a rude shock for me when the cashier told me 80+ Rs. for tamilnadu meals in Saravana Bhavan.
It is the not the question of affordability but the value-for-money.
Come-on.. this was supposed to be an upper middle class restaurant till a little while ago.
U are not pampering urself by dining in a 5 Star it the ambience...or be it the variety. The quality is definitely much better than many hotels around. But quantity takes a beating.
Dhams & me finally settled down to quick lunch, which was costing us around 40+ per head.
Now what do I get for small helping of sambar sadam, tomato rice, curd rice, sarkarai pongal, potato chips & pickles.

I might as well have walked down a little to New Woodlands or Savera...


Rajesh said...

Yeah.. Ive been telling people not to go to Saravana Bhavan for the last 5 years! The quality is not palpable better than the other 'bhavans'around. Its time people start realizing they are being fleezed in the name of 'traditional quality'. The problem is we tend to forgive/forget things really quickly. Soon we might go out with friends and end up going to the same saravana bhavan and, who knows maybe even pay 100rs or more for a meal.. Now who is to blame??

sugan said...

U r right Rajesh. I went to saravana bhavan after a real long time...the prices has just then begun their ascent.
But now, I dont see myself going there in the near future..

Anonymous said...


You should understand that the cash flow has increased. People are earning left and right and they are able to spend money like anything. Include me on that list :-)

I don't blame on hotel ratings. How often do we go to hotels? I visit monthly once or twice and it is ok if we spend 400/- to 500/- rs.

So, visit such hotels without looking at your pocket. If do, look at the price list and if you think it is not worth spending we have to get out of that hotel :-)



srikrishnan said...

There is a big ?? for "Money vs Quality" of food @ HSB.

I second to sugan,and I cam absolutely say this chain of hotels is not ment for middle class and lower middle class.

But once in a while it is ok. :)


Anonymous said...

Interesting reads .. I wonder how come you complain of Rs 40 in this day and age. I am currently in US and Saravana Bhavan in Bay area California is packed with people, with thalis costing $ 9. It is quite high compared to other restaurants like chinese which cost $ 4 or 5, but still people go to Saravana Bhavan.