June 23, 2005

Official Site of Archaeological Department of India

After a tedious round of googling, found the official site of Archaeological Department of the Indian Ministry.
Archaeological Survey of India

Few Comments:

1. http://asi.nic.in/ does not go to the ASI main page, but a index page that has a link only to National Informatics Centre (NIC).
2. The title of the page is in a paining font
3. I guess asi.nic.in would win hands down, the worst opener for a website everdone,
"No spectacular event inaugurated the birth of archaeological studies in India. "
So much for being passionate!
4. The site gives basic info. abt the department rather than the monuments in India. They have a link called monuments which has six subdivisions, only one link is working & the others are under construction. very Funny!
5. Only the contact info may be of some use, provided they are being updated regularly.

It is high time, the department pulls up its socks to have an informtive website.

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